Have you ever heard about Military Time Chart? If not, you can understand every detail about MT through this in-depth tutorial. Why is there a particular thing like Military Time Conversion? Is there any difference between the regular time and MT?

You can get answers to all such questions through this post. In general, MT is also known as astronomical time. It is pretty simple to read and understand MT.

You know most countries railways Timing systems working with Military Time. For Example, if you ever visit Indian, you will see Railways timing in India depends on the 24 clock system. Military Timing also the same as 24 hour time systems.

Because India is a vast country if a train starts the first station from Delhi, then on Kerala, he will arrive after two days, So for travelers not easy to understand the right time. That’s why military time beneficial for travelers.

Military Time

Usually, the MT is calculated depending on the 24-hour clock. It is a mode of calculating the hours wherein the day runs from one Midnight to the other Midnight, and it is fragmented into 24-hour increments. The 24-hour clock is the standard model of interval notation used among people all over the globe.

Here is everything you need to know about MT, the procedure to convert military time into average time, and vice versa. This post also helps you to view the complete military time chart here. Have a look!

Military Time

History of Military Time

Before heading towards understanding the procedure to change or convert the MT, you need to know the brief history of this format.

This time format of 24 hours was initiated originally in the period of Egyptians. The evidence of this particular system has been witnessed in the Astronomical order of decans.

Most of the scientists, navigators, astronomers, and other communities have implemented and used this format of time for several years. Originally, Italy has launched the first and foremost mechanical clock in the earlier days.

In that mechanical clock, we can find sings for 24 hours alongside an hour needle and a minute needle. To understand the time, the clock strikes for about 84 times. It is a simple way to understand the time, and that’s the reason most of the people have utilized this time format for a plethora of years.

Later, in the year 1884, Lewis M. Rutherford introduced the MT for the people. Through this time format, people will be able to understand the way our earth revolves around the sun. Through the MT, one can easily understand the difference between the day and night.

During the First World War, the soldiers have started using MT to evade confusion in viewing the time. Later, with the advancement in technology, people have begun using the 12-hour format and stopped using the 24-hour form.

The standard time format is quite simple to make adjustments in the clock and is quite compact. Most of the countries still follow the MT to get an accurate time.

Military Time Converter

Generally, the MT is often known as an astronomical time system. It is calculated based on the 24-hour clock system.

In this method of calculating the MT, people usually incline to maintain the time from one Midnight to the after Midnight. During this period, the time is actually fragmented into 24 equivalent periods of hour’s increments.

The MT has acquired immense popularity among the people across the world as it is considered a widely used clock system. Most of the people may not be able to decipher the MT.

If you are seeking to understand the process of converting MT to standard time then, we have made it pretty simple for you folks through this post.

Military Time Converter

Military Time Converter helps the people to convert the MT into the civilian time system as listed below:

Military time Civilian time
0001 12:01 am
0100 01:00 am
0200 02:00 am
0300 03:00 am
0400 04:00 am
0500 05:00 am
0600 06:00 am
0700 07:00 am
0800 08:00 am
0900 09:00 am
1000 10:00 am
1100 11:00 am
1200 Noon
1300 1:00 pm
1400 2:00 pm
1500 3:00 pm
1600 4:00 pm
1700 5:00 pm
1800 6:00 pm
1900 7:00 pm
2000 8:00 pm
2100 9:00 pm
2200 10:00 pm
2300 11:00 pm
2400 12 Midnight

The 24-hour clock

People may not find any kind of confusion with the MT, but this is the same as a 24-hour clock.

In the case of the standard time, we need to make use of am and pm. If you confuse between am and pm, it will totally disturb your daily routine activities. There is no repetition of time and the digits in the MT.

Moreover, you can get to know the accurate timings in this format. In the MT, we read 8 am in the morning as 2000 hours.

Military Time Clock

24-hour clock worksheets

To convert the MT into the standard time format then, you need to subtract or add 12 hours from the standard AM/PM time. This is the procedure you need to practice that usually relies on the time you wish to convert.

24-hour clock worksheets

Military Time to Regular Time

Besides the groups and communities, different parts of the globe also use the MT. Some of the countries that consider MT as the standard time include India, Canada, Germany, Australia, UK, Philippines, and more.

In general, if the time is Midnight in the standard format, then, theMT uses 0000 and 2400 hours.

Most of the clocks display the MT as 0000 in the daytime instead of 2400. Usually, one can witness the MT only on the digital clocks, which are quite similar to the military time clock. The analog clock dials, which are circular, usually comprises of 12-hour dials.

Military Time to Regular Time

They may not be able to display the MT due to the circular dials. The method of converting military time into a 12-hour format is not an arduous task.

Military time clock

You can check out the natural explanation for MT conversion into standard time through this post.

For instance, consider the MT 1900. Is 1900 greater than 1200?

  • Yes, it is higher than the standard time.
  • Now, you need to subtract 1900 – 1200, which equals 700.
  • You need to add a colon between the hours and minutes.
  • Then, the standard time is 7:00.
  • The conversion of 1900 MT into the standard time is 7:00 pmpm in the evening.

1 pm Military Time


If you want to know 1 pm in army time, then just use the simple method:- Just start from 1200 in average time and add 100, Please make value 100 for regular time, Then I will be 1200+ 100( 100 for one pmpm) = 1300. Sop can understand 1 pm called 1300 in army time.

2 pm Military Time


You can use the same method to know 2 pm military, 1200 and add 200 for 2 pm then it will be 1400,
2 pm in army time will be 1200+200 =1400

3 pm Military Time


For 3 pm just take 1200 extra and add 300 for 3 pm, then it will be = 1500.
so 3 pm called in army time 1200+300 = 1500

4 pm military time


You can use the same value for all time if you want to know 4 pm army time then it will be 1200+400 = 1600

5 pm Military Time


6 pm Military Time


7 pm military time

8 pm Military Time


8: 30 pm Military Time


Most people confusing in half-hour, so just read this line. If you are making value 1 pm 100, then for a half-hour, it will be 50. For Example, 30-minute standard times will be 50 in army time.

Then for 8:30pm normal time it will be 1200+ 850 = 2050

1200 for military time+ 800 for 8pm + 50 for 30 minute = 2050

9 pm Military Time


9: 30 pm Military Time


10 pm Military Time


10: 30 pm Military Time


11 pm Military Time


12 pm Military Time


One thing you need to mind that army time starting from 12 pm so 12 pm value will be 1200 after then for 1 pm you can add 100 for 1 pm 1300.

Military Time Chart

The military time chart helps the people in finding the MT alongside the standard time or civilian time.

If you are unable to convert the time manually, you can simply check out the MT Chart as given in this post. The timings will change based on the time zone and the location.

Every state has a different time based on the solar system revolution. To evade confusion between the directions such as east, west, north, and south, there is a standard time depending on the zone.

Before that, you need to understand that the time zone is 15 degrees towards the longitude in terms of the width. In all the adjoining time zones, you can find at least a time difference of 1 hour.

Military Time Chart

Military time minutes

  1. You can understand standard time to Military time by multiplying by 60.
  2. For Example, if you are converting 30 minutes standard to Military time, then it will be 30 by 60 which is 0.50 (30/60=0.5)
  3. convert 20 minutes = divide 20 by 60 which is 0.33 (20/60=0.33).
  4. convert 15 minutes standard time to Military time, and then it will be 15 by 60, which is 0.25 (15/60=0.25).

Military Time Conversion Chart

It is actually a system of time format that makes use of the 24-hour time format. In this system of time, it eradicates the necessity of the designations such as AM and PM. As the MT is referred to as the 24-hour time, there is no need for using ‘AM’ and ‘PM.’

When compared to the standard time, people consider the MT as the most natural way of finding the time. Moreover, you may not be confused with the MT, unlike the standard time. That’s the reason most of the people prefer using MT.

Military Time Conversion Chart

Some of them who often use MT include scientists, medical communities as well as the military groups. Besides those communities, the airlines, railway, and road transport systems also use the MT. You can find the pronunciation of MT in the Military Time Conversion Chart provided below.

Standard Time Military Time Pronunciation 
Midnight (12:00 amm) 0000 or 0000 hours “Zero-zero-zero-zero”
1:00 a.m. 0100 or 0100 hours “Zero one hundred hours.”
2:00 a.m. 0200 or 0200 hours “Zero, two hundred hours.”
3 :00 a.m. 0300 or 0300 hours “Zero three hundred hours.”
4:00 amm. 0500 or 0500 hours “Zero four hundred hours.”
5:00 amm. 0600 or 0600 hours “Zero five hundred hours.”
6:00 amm. 0700 or 0700 hours “Zero six hundred hours.”
7:00 a.m. 0800 or 0800 hours “Zero seven hundred hours.”
8:00 amm. 0800 or 0800 hours “Zero eight hundred hours.”
9:00 amm. 0900 or 0900 hours “Zero nine hundred hours.”
10:00 a.m. 01000 or 01000 hours “Zero ten hundred hours.”
11:00 a.m. 01100 or 01100 hours “Eleven hundred hours.”
12:00 a.m. 01200 or 01200 hours “Twelve hundred hours.”
13:00 a.m. 01300 or 01300 hours “Thirteen hundred hours.”
14:00 a.m. 01400 or 01400 hours “Fourteen hundred hours.”
15:00 a.m. 01500 or 01500 hours “Fifteen hundred hours.”
16:00 a.m. 01600 or 01600 hours “Sixteen hundred hours.”
17:00 a.m. 01700 or 01700 hours “Seventeen hundred hours.”
18:00 a.m. 01800 or 01800 hours “Eighteen hundred hours.”
19:00 a.m. 01900 or 01900 hours “Nineteen hundred hours.”
20:00 a.m. 02000 or 02000 hours “Twenty hundred hours.”
21:00 a.m. 02100 or 02100 hours “Twenty-one hundred hours.”
22:00 a.m. 02200 or 02200 hours “Twenty-two hundred hours.”
23:00 a.m. 02300 or 02300 hours “Twenty-three hundred hours.”

How to Say Military Time

If the pronunciation is colloquial, then the digit’ ‘ zero’ is replaced with the term ‘oh.’ It means that if the standard time is 8:00 am then, the MT in colloquial pronunciation will be spoken as ‘Oh Eight Hundred Hours.’

In some cases, Midnight is pronounced as ‘Twenty Four Hundred Hours.’ It might appear strange for those who use standard time in their daily life.

Some of the pronunciation examples for the MT include the following:

  • For the time 12:01 am, the military time is 0001. It can be pronounced as ‘Zero Zero Zero One.’
  • If the time is 5:25 am then, the MT is 0525. It is spoken as ‘Zero Five Twenty Five.’
  • If the time is 11:35 am then, the MT is 1135, and it is pronounced as ‘Eleven Thirty-Five.’
  • For the time 3:23 pm then, the MT is 1523, and it is spoken as ‘Fifteen Twenty Three.’
  • In case, if the time is 11:05 pm then, the MT is 2305, and it is pronounced as twenty Three Zero Five’.

1800 military time

This is a good general knowledge question that what is 1800 Military Time? Here is a good Example using that you can understand about time systems like 1600, 1700, and 1800 with easy steps:-

Here we are talking about 1800 MT then use this simple math

1800 – 1200 = 600

600 + : = 6:00

6:00 + PM = 6:00 PM

So explanation result is 1800 Military Time 6:00 pmpm

1300 military time

1:00 pmpm

1400 Military Time

2:00 pmpm

1430 Military Time

2:30 pmpm

1500 Military Time

3:00 pmpm

1530 Military Time

3:30 pmpm

1600 Military Time

4:00 pmpm

1630 Military Time

4:30 pmpm

1700 Military Time

5:00 pmpm

1730 Military Time

5:30 pmpm

1830 Military Time

6:30 pmpm

1900 Military Time

5:00 pmpm

1930 Military Time

6:30 pmpm

2000 Military Time

8:00 pmpm

2100 Military Time

9:00 pmpm

2130 Military Time

9:30 pmpm

2200 Military Time

10:00 pmpm

2300 Military Time

11:00 pmpm

2400 Military Time

12:00 pmpm Midnight

Military Time Now

Just read the above article for correct calculation or read the Military Time calculator in this post.

Military Time Zones

The whole country divided into many Time zones. Some country has a one-time zone. Still, a big country like Russia has more time zone, and You can check that Russia has eleven time zones, Time zone fix the right time of specific country or place, Check out the list of all the military time zones as given below:

Time Zone Name Letter Time Offset
Alfa Time Zone A GMT +1
Bravo Time Zone B GMT +2
Charlie Time Zone C GMT +3
Delta Time Zone D GMT +4
Echo Time Zone E GMT +5
Foxtrot Time Zone F GMT +6
Golf Time Zone G GMT +7
Hotel Time Zone H GMT +8
India Time Zone I GMT +9
Kilo Time Zone K GMT +10
Lima Time Zone L GMT +11
Mike Time Zone M GMT −12
November Time Zone N GMT −1
Oscar Time Zone O GMT −2
Papa Time Zone P GMT −3
Quebec Time Zone Q GMT −4
Romeo Time Zone R GMT −5
Sierra Time Zone S GMT −6
Tango Time Zone T GMT −7
Uniform Time Zone U GMT −8
Victor Time Zone V GMT −9
Whiskey Time Zone W GMT −10
X-ray Time Zone X GMT −11
Yankee Time Zone Y GMT −12
Zulu Time Zone Z  [Universal Time]

If you are reveler and vising one country to another country, then time zones will help you to understand Timing. Actually, world’s very country timing depends on time zones. So you should know how many time zones have your country.

Most countries had only one time zones, but in Asia, some prominent countries like Rusia had many zones. It is also good to know as general knowledge.


That’s all! This is everything you need to know about Military Time and the procedure to convert MT into standard time and vice versa.

I hope this guide has helped you in finding the accurate MT, conversion chart, and conversions through this post. If you still have any doubts, share them with us through the comments section.